Presa Iberica Shoulder

Presa Iberica is a tender, well-marbled piece that, due to its location, possesses qualities of both the shoulder and loin. It is thick and juicy, but slightly leaner than pluma end loin or the secreto flank steak.

Weight :

Presa is a beautiful, flavorful cut of pork that melts in your mouth. Grilled medium rare, it has a juicy, tender bite and a full mouthwatering flavor that brings out its free-range nutty diet.   Our favorite way to prepare this incredible pork is to season with salt and pepper and grill or sear the Presa, then cook at medium high heat until done. The center of the steak should still be pink or red depending on your taste. This cut has less fat than other types of Iberico pork, so be careful not to overcook. Let it rest for a couple minutes, then cut thin slices to maximize the flavor.   Until recently it was an unknown treasure of the Spanish gastronomy, but now it is becoming a signature dish for many Spanish great chefs. Getting hold of a piece of “Presa” is difficult due to two reasons: you get scarcely 2lb per pig and on top of being consumed fresh it is used to make a high quality cured meat called “lomito”.

Rounded marbled red bright tende cut with a dainty juice.



Here are some suggestions on how to cook Presa