Carrillada Iberico Cheek

Weight :.5

Known as the "other red meat" by the Spanish locals, Iberico pork cheeks are a unique cut of pork meat by being quite meaty yet surprisingly lean. The pork meat is deep red and exceptionally rich and full of flavour. Iberico Pork is traditionally known as Carrillera Iberica and has the unique benefit of being a lean choice without losing the nutty flavored fat that gives it such a rich taste. Iberico pork cheeks served with a rich wine or sherry sauce like rabo de toro (oxtail) or braised lamb shanks where slow stewing transforms this special cut into a savoury delight by releasing a rainbow of flavours that slowly meld into an incredibly complex and pleasing dish. Slow-braising takes around three hours, but once you combine the pork with garlic, vegetables, wine and stock in a pan, you just sit back and wait for the magic to happen! Serve the Iberico pork cheeks with potatoes, carrots or caramelized onions.

Rounded marbled red bright tende cut with a dainty juice.



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